"Dear Passenger, For Safety Season, Please Wear...


ahh, rupe2nye aku hanye buat 2 post utk april
xpe, at least ni yg ke-3
eh2, argh!!!

dah pukul 12...
nilah akibat kerja at eleventh hour
[maybe (just maybe) i should do my work at tenth hour, haha]
adoiii, sorry for being not so reproductive in april

(the next section will be all football, so, for those who aren't interested,

i'm sorry to disappoint you, but, one man's meat is another man's poison)
btw, this week is a deciding week for epl

liverpool vs chelsea

and i'm hoping for chelsea to lose

i repeat again, i hope chelsea will lose

yeah, can you believe it??

yup, i do hope chelsea to lose

tp dgn syarat man u seri

knape plak?


kalau chelsea kalah dan man u seri

they will be level in terms of point

chelsea will edge them by seven goal diff (assuming chelsea kalah 1-0)



knowing they have the chance to be the winner (mathematically)

and in the same time, knowing too that it is impossible for them to do so

thrashing stoke 7-0 like chelsea did?

do you really think (such a) lightning will struck twice?

oh yeah btw, even IF they manage to beat stoke 7-0
chelsea may still increase the goal diff by beating wigan on the last day

(and mind you, it could be a thrashing, kui3)

erm, anyway, i don't want to talk much
just wait and see

and...that's all
happy labour's day
igt, kte seme ni pekerja

pekerja kpd Allah
sbg pekerja kpd Allah, xde cuti

kerjalah sentiasa dgn pnuh ikhlas dan mengharapkan redhanya

memetik dr majalah solusi, "bila segalanya kerana Allah, semuanya indah"

so, happy labour's day (without holiday) anyway!

"annur, 24: 52"

3 orang telah berkata....:

wala' said...

tak takut mood happy tertukar buruk ke? ha3

Baihaqi said...

apa kaitan dgn tajuk? haha
lg satu, sape wala ni eh?

Annas Alias said...


hahaha, tu kte kne tunggu r, haha


hurm, ade kaitan ke? haha. wala ni ialah...