asou-kun to iruto...tsurai desu

"it's painful to be with asou-kun

wanting to do this, wanting to do that

i can't help but thinking, if i'm healthy,

i'd be able to

this way, i'm only growing more miserable


can't see you anymore"

if you were to marry someone

most of the case, you'll be marrying him/her

when he/she is healthy,

financially stable,

he/she is full with love towards you,

he/she is still young, looking good and all that.

what if one day,

he/she become fully paralyzed,

and need someone who can take care of them rund um die Uhr,

or lose job and unable to find a new one,

or when he/she is finally become bored

after spending ten/twenty years with the same person

or when time snatches all the beauty from its owner

would you still have the same feeling towards him/her

like the ones you had when you are marrying him/her?

would you?

would you?

5 orang telah berkata....:

alrijal bittaqwa said...

ceh,one litre of citer nodame contabile lak..citer tu best giler..

223 said...

sori r wei, tlambat. baru abis tgk minggu lpas. yup cter tu pun mantap. nodame tu comel n manja2 gle, haha. gyabon!

alrijal bittaqwa said...

aku tgok mse 1st sem kat intec lg kan..

hud2 said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! annas alias tgk 1 litre of tears xD
ko nangih x?

223 said...

oi hud2, aku ni manusia, bukan robot, time sedih aku nangis la (jgn btau org lain la tp, huhu)