Kita Hamba, Kena "Humble"


skang musim pekse
kwn2 kt tpt len pun mostly tgh nk pekse
dan kdg2 sbb sibuk study
kte overlook something
inside and outside
aritu ust syed bg kuliah subuh
die kte ade manusia yg style
beriman ble nk pekse je
adoi, aku terkne gak penyakit ni
oleh itu, marilah kte sama2 beriman sepenuh masa
sbb Allah bg nikmat bukan mse pekse je
korg2 yg bace blog ni sme rajin2 kan
mesti korg rse penat gak kan study
ape kte korg luangkan skit mase jawab soklan2 nih
sape dpt jwb die mmg baik, peramah,bertanggungjawab dan bermuka2, muahaha
2. there was a man who bought lots of bunches of bananas at
rm 3 each ( i know this is ridiculous but just accept it, ok)
he sold the bananas for rm2 each
in doing so, he became a millionaire
how this is possible?
15. few years ago, a law teacher came across a student
who was willing to learn but was unable to pay the fee
the student made a deal saying
" i would pay your fee the day i win my 1st case"
the teacher agreed and taught him the law course
when the course is finished, the teacher asked the student
to pay the fee
the student reminded the deal that they had agreed
fed up with this, the teacher decided to sue the student in court for law
and both of them decided to argue for themselves
will the teacher get the fee from the student?
165. u r stuck in a room with 2 doors. one door is the way out
and the other leads to hell
in this room, there are 2 computers
one always tells a lie and the other always tells a truth
how do you get out safely?
once you open a door, you must go through it and can never turn back
you can ask only one question to any one of the computers

*hurm...ade mende yg aku xphm
fikir jgn x fikir...
good luck everyone for your exam!!
semoga Allah memudahkan urusan korg, dunia dan akhirat
(weh, kalau soalan2 tu mensbbkan korg xleh study, jgn salahkan aku!)
" esok nk pekse dan aku baru sedar selama ni aku hidup menggunakan kalkulator 350. ade sape nk pinjamkan 570?? argh, abes r!!!"

5 orang telah berkata....:

Kamil said...

that banana guy, he used to be a billionaire, so yeah, he degraded himself to a millionaire.. am i rite?

i'll just answer that one.. hihi..

Anonymous said...

the second question. the teacher will get the fee as the student win the case. the teacher sue him even before the student win any case.

Annas Alias said...


haha, exactly. hebat2

eh, yg 2 lg tu? hehe


haha, actually, there is no answer to the question as it is a paradox. if the teacher wins, the student can say that he didn't win his first case yet. so he didn't have to pay but the teacher can say he had win the case but the student can say back that he haven't win his 1st case yet and go on that way sampai mati. the same goes if the teacher lose...

Kamil said...

let's see...for the 3rd q. i'll ask to one of the comp: "which door would the other comp lead me?"

let's say there are 2 doors A(hell) and B (whatever)

case 1: lying comp would tell me that the truth comp would lead me to door A (hell).

case 2: honest(?) comp would tell me that the lying comp would lead me to door A (hell) too.

in both case, i'll just take door B.

Annas Alias said...


WAHAHAHA, ko mmg power r, huhu. hebat2. wait for more, haha