Sorry Squirrel, All I Care For Now Is Cat...And Four Cute Kittens


aku nk tulis sesuatu....

gnawij gy gnihtemos

tp tu bhy...

tu bleh menjatuhkan kredibiliti aku


so, i'll just write a little thing

i once said to my mom,

"i miss my school hey-day"

my mom replied,

"and that's just ur high school days.

you will miss your time in universities a lot more"

and miss them i will

it's hard to imagine

but i guess i might even yrc when the time comes

lastly, in my opinion,

i kniht i lliw ton yrram enoyna ohw i yltnerruc wonk

but i'm really hoping that...

i really hope on that...

"hope on what?" you asked?

do u really think i will share everything in this 11.6 inch screen?


minggu depan dah a-level

lepas tu, babai kwn2 bukan alg

babai2 (mata aku xberair tau, jgn sangka buruk)

kwn2 alg, insya-Allah,

moga2 lama lg kita bsama

selagi nyawa xdicabut malaikat maut

ok2, sampai situ je dulu.


"even no romanticism will do..."

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